Ketra + Alexa

Control your Ketra lights with the sound of your voice.

Ketra works with Amazon Alexa so you can control your lights with the sound of your voice. Whether you’re pouring your morning joe, hosting a dinner party, or watching a movie - the right light for the moment is just a voice command away.


Echo and other Alexa enabled devices let you instantly play music, hear the weather forecast, control your smart home and more, with just the sound of your voice. Your Alexa enabled device will adapt to your typical speech patterns the more you use it.


• Enable remote access for your normally programmed Ketra installation.

• Connect to the Amazon Alexa App using your Alexa enabled device.

• Set up the Ketra skill in the Amazon Alexa App, which will then allow you to discover and link your Ketra lights to readily recall all your favorite settings by simply asking.

• Tell Alexa to turn on a custom scene, dim the intensity, or just turn your lights on with the sound of your voice.

For step-by-step instructions, download Ketra’s Alexa integration notes below.

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