At Ketra, we understand your quest for ideal illumination, and we’ve combined our passion for light with engineering excellence to offer intelligent solutions for all of your lighting needs. Our complete LED-based lighting system includes lamps, luminaires, controls and software. Through digital control of color and intensity, we make it easy to specify the optimal light for your space – transforming functional into extraordinary.

Change your light. Change everything.


Change your light.
Change the vision.

You know beautiful light when you see it. So do we. That’s why we’ve engineered color tunable lights that possess superior color consistency across the beam. Our lamps and luminaires accurately render colors and will maintain their color point over their lifetime and throughout any temperature range. Realize your vision with completely customizable, completely beautiful light.


Change your light.
Change your products.

Everyone wants to be seen in their best light – even your products. Our library of light settings have been specified to help you optimize product appearance within your retail space. Choose one of our professionally designed recommendations or create your own unique blend of color and intensity, and let your merchandise shine.


Change your light.
Change their experience.

We all recognize the power of light and its ability to impact our moods.  Ketra lighting enables you to craft the ideal ambiance within your environment, delivering an infusion of energy or relaxation to your guests. Choose the perfect mood, and give them the optimal experience.


Change your light.
Change your bottom line.

Nature knows best, and the color temperature and intensity of natural light constantly changes throughout the day. Ketra products can replicate this and subtly change lighting effects over a scheduled time period. Incorporating circadian rhythms into workplace lighting can improve mood, health and productivity – and that’s good for everyone.

A Technological Game-Changer


Ketra’s engineers, designers and optics experts design and manufacture fully-optimized lighting solutions. Our talented team has developed the entire Ketra system from the ground up – from the custom LED control microprocessor and emitter within each of our products to the full library of curated lighting content. Every detail has been carefully considered and thoughtfully designed, resulting in ground-breaking technology that changes the way lighting is implemented.


Go Big or Go Simple

Our sophisticated system of products can be implemented in whatever way best suits your needs; from a few retrofit lamps to a building automation system integration. Our dedicated staff is always here to help specify the pieces you need to get up and running, and we appreciate that sometimes big things have small beginnings.


Lighten Your Load

Your time is precious. Make use of our meticulously curated content and you’ll likely find the ideal setting for your space within our library. We’ll guide you through the process of applying these settings through our Design Studio software, and you’ll optimize your environment without sacrificing a moment of your time.


Not Just a Pretty Face

Designed from scratch, the K3150 microprocessor is the brains behind the beauty. The K3150′s on-board color point monitoring loop keeps Ketra lamps at their set point, correcting for the impacts of lamp age and temperature. In other words, it’s the whole package.


See Your True Colors

Just like you, we love light. And we appreciate the science behind the art. Our system was designed to recognize the subtleties of impeccable illumination, and to enable its consistent creation. Through a wide range of color adjustment tools, our software allows you to customize the right light for your needs, and ensures that those values stay true.